What We’ve Done

Spanning the spectrum of the industry sectors, our team of professionals has delivered projects in 25 countries throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA). Founded in 2000, our consultants and researchers spent their earlier careers in the sectors in which we operate. This has afforded us a rich and diverse culture with significant scale and scope to advise our clients on long-term hiring solutions.

In a world of unprecedented complexity and opportunity, organisations are constantly seeking highly talented leaders to help solve complex industry issues and capitalise on opportunities to optimise their businesses. The ability to hire such talent is critical as globalisation, demographics, and underdeveloped pipelines of future company leaders is making senior talent more scarce. We have advised and helped leading organisations across EMEA navigate the global market for talent and hire outstanding individuals to tackle the critical issues of the day.

Miles Associates has spent the last 20 years of its existence engaging, evaluating and tracking top line executives and studying the key factors in their performance. Given the constraints in all markets, we now consider the potential of an individual to be an important factor as the most important predictor of success at all levels from junior management to the C-suite and the board.

It is a more straight forward exercise to measure past performance: it is also possible to evaluate potential. This means looking for indicators such as the right kind of motivation: ambition to leave a mark in the pursuit of greater unselfish goals. High potential reflects deep personal humility and the investment in personal improvement. In assessing both the experience and the potential of an individual, our aim is to secure the future success of our client organisations.